Could not factory reset android 14 devices

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Android 14 tablet(Samsung-SM-x210) could not perform the factory reset programatically. Others android version working fine. Got and error for admin user "SecurityException: java.lang.SecurityException: User 0 is a system user and cannot be removed".


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Level 2.0: Eclair

Do you have the problem with Android 14 in general, or does it only occur with this device model + Android 14? Was the device originally set up with <=Android 13? Does the problem occur in Work Profile, Work Managed or both modes?


If the problem is reproducible, I would recommend submitting a ticket to the MDM manufacturer with a series of logs and timestamps:

  • Create a sysdump of the error (the sysdump contains a bug report and more)
  • Connect to the device via ADB and save logcat logs during error reproduction. (e.g. with: adb logcat -v threadtime >logcat.txt)
  • Increase the log level of DPC before reproducing the error and export these logs if possible


We are experiencing sporadic problems with Samsung devices when wiping COPE devices. (Work Managed Devices are not affected) However, the triggers and causes are not yet known. In our case, however, this fatal error does not occur.
After our DPC successfully starts the wipe via the DevicePolicyManager, this error occurs:
  E DevicePolicyManager: Device/profile owner cannot be removed
The DPC then crashes and the wipe is not carried out.


With the fatal exception alone, I cannot assess whether the error is caused by the device/OS or incorrect commands from the DPC. (fi.hublet.hubletdevicemanager)

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