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Hi guys. 


I have run into an issue when trying to provision Android phones as a reseller. When i add new devices to a customer, no matter what their "default configuration" profile is set to. It goes to an old profile called Enterprise Default Profile.  Also when downloading the CSV file, the profileID is not something that is found anywhere else.



It seems that this setting is pushed from the link with intune. Is there anyway to change this or do i have to disconnect the link?


Appreciate all the help i can get! 🙂









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Hi @NielsStilling


The customer has integrated their ZT account into their Intune tenant. When a customer does this it sets the intune config as a default configuration under the name Enterprise Default Profile


There's nothing you need to do as a reseller, they'll be assigned to Intune automatically for the customer, or the customer can manually change the config per-device as they desire.


To remove the default profile, disconnect ZT from Intune.

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I'm having the exact same problem and I had come to the conclusion that I need to disconnect ZT from intune ... however I cannot find how to do it... (I wasn't the one connecting them together).

Do you know how to do it ?