Fraud or hacked, very upset, and need help

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I found device policy loaded on my phone last night without my consent. I Do not work, why do I have it, how did I get it,  how do I remove it? It says it was not from Google play store.

I'm concerned that I'm being hacked this is my 3rd phone, they all were hacked, I thin maybe by someone using enterprise, my settings and notifications get changed I don't  get all the emails I should and don't know if

Screenshot_20240628_191639_Package installer.jpg


Screenshot_20240629_114937_One UI Home.jpg

Screenshot_20240628_191639_Package installer.jpg

anyone is getting mine, I really need help.

Thank you


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If you are really hacked 3 times you need to think about how you handle your phones, passwords, email attachements and so on.

I never got hacked on a mobile phone or any other device yet.


And if your device is bought at a trusted reseller, your device won't install such things by default as it's not enrolled into an MDM. If this app was installed afterwards, there are actions to be taken on your device manually to enroll a device into an MDM being managed.

I recommend to wipe the device and enroll it again.

Google Staff

Hi Sher, I can see that you are unsure of what this Device Policy app is and why you have it on your Android Phone.  The Device Policy App from Google is actually a normal app that is installed on all Android devices that are GMS / Google Play Protect certified and is part of Google Services.  It is a Device Policy agent that allows all Android devices to be enrolled into an organization.  This app is basically the on-device agent used by EMM's to enable device management, but please note that just because its installed, does not mean your device is under management or being controlled by an Enterprise EMM.  You would have to initiate an enrollment process in order for the app to be used by the EMM you are enrolling into.  You can read more details about Android Management API's HERE.