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Hi all,


I have a simple question:

Are there touchpanels or whiteboards (75 inch and larger) that can be managed by Android Enterprise?

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Hi Robert,


Yes, there are touchpanels and interactive whiteboards 75 inches and larger that can be managed by Android Enterprise. Many manufacturers offer these devices with Android OS, making them suitable for management through Android Enterprise. Some popular options include:

  1. Samsung Flip series: These interactive displays come in various sizes and run on Android, allowing seamless integration with Android Enterprise management tools.

  2. Promethean ActivPanel: Promethean offers large interactive panels that can be managed with Android Enterprise.

  3. ViewSonic ViewBoard: These are available in different sizes and come with an Android OS, making them compatible with Android Enterprise.

These devices provide robust features for business and educational environments, including multi-touch capabilities, integration with various apps, and remote management options.

I hope this helps!


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