[Community insights] What is the top viewed topic in the Customer Community?

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Google Community Manager

May 2024


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I hope you are doing well. 


Even in our short time as a community, we are starting to build up the page views. So on this theme, if you were to guess what one of the most viewed topics here in the Android Enterprise Customer Community is, what would you say?.... 


If you do actually want to guess, I've put the rest of the question behind a read more!  Feel free to comment below with your guesses (you can also add a spoiler to hide your answer). 😀

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Fun fact: it is on WIFI configuration


This topic isn't getting a lot of new replies now, but it still continues to get a large amount of views and so it is really intriguing to me why this might be, so I thought it would be interesting to ask you all.


Is this topic an ongoing area that you have questions on? Is there information you would like, but you finding it hard to find for example? The discussions shares lots of useful tips, so has it become a useful troubleshooting guide for you? 


It would be great to hear your thoughts on this and/or add a kudos if this is a subject of interest. 


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I think the reason could be because of 2 things:

1. Companies having this issue looking for a reason/solution

2. Just the headline "Wifi configuration" (it fits a lot of reasons to search for it in combination with "android enterprise")

I think most likely the second one is the reason because i still think companies trying to setup devices ideally without using an MDM/EMM so, looking for possibilitys even this topic doesn't fit because of the headline they get this spit out by Google search on the first page.