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I am wondering some of customer facing devices reset automatically? Is there any reason behind this? From our customer, we got the following information about this issue.Case one is that the device got shut down due to the charge being finished. afte...
Hi, I am wondering how often a STATUS_REPORT PubSub message is sent for a device. Is it on a specific cadence? Random? When the device encounters a change (i.e. policy update)? I can't find anything in the PubSub docs (
I have several queries about private app management through the managed Play Store which are the following-Is there any number limitation of releasing private apps?how many times can I update a private app in a day?how to see how many devices got the...
One of my client's requirements is to forcefully allow the following two of these permissions. Is there any policy in Android management API to do that?I  appreciate any help you can provide.
I have enabled netrworkinfo so that I can get the phone number from telephonyInfos but find only carrier name. What is the problem actually from my end?
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