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Copy-paste issue (COPE)

Hello Everyone,I have a slight issue with copy-paste on Corporate owned, personal enabled devices (COPE) managed via Intune. To put it simple - people can copy text from work profile to personal. Happy to be pointed to the basics if I missed somethin...

Simon by Level 1.6: Donut
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Problems with login

Hello, we have multiple google Accounts. Our Main-Account for Zero Touch churned to  Alternative Account after renewing the Zero Touch Portal. When we now login to the Zero-Touch Portal we can't see andy devices. How can we fix the alternativ Account...

YMusaoglu by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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Resolved! No longer accessible from .

Hi All, I am facing a problem accessing the vendor account of the Zero Touch portal. Previously in the partner portal, I selected the account and created the customers under them. But now that the specific vendor account is not available it is creati...

Android COPE, Google Calendar "Action not allowed"

Dear Community, we wanted to use Google Calendar in Combination with Outlook Mobile (Sync Calendar) with Intune. Unfortunately, we are facing the issue, that Google Calendar does not start on our COPE enrollments.After setting permissions to Contacts...

w4lter by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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Android zero-touch customer portal

Learn more about the changes to the new zero-touch customer portal   The new zero-touch customer portal has been designed to make it easier for you to manage your account. Here are some of the key changes: New look and feel: The portal has been redes...

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Lizzie by Google Community Manager
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Intune COPE Device - Google Calendar crashes

Hello everyone,We have the problem that when I want to make the Google Calendar app available on a COPE device, it crashes after the welcome screen with the message "action not allowed".On Work Profile Only/BYOD it works without any problems. Are you...

danikr by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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Resolved! Intune work profile battery drain

We have previously done more MAM and are moving to allow users on Android to setup the work profile.  In testing on Pixel 8 running Android 14 QPR we are seeing significant battery drain from the company portal app.  Like so bad that it’s making the ...

Ghctim by Level 1.6: Donut
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