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I hit a lot of video  and became  very popular  and never  got paid  for my performance or my popular views and videos  I built a Plattform  and need to see how I get paid...

Moving android bot with transparant background

Hi all, I'm looking for Android bot movie files without background to use on a Samsung flip cover. I've designed my own cover face and want to add a moving Android bot.  I downloaded one available from the Google branding page (Icon - Partner Marketi...

Michel by Level 1.6: Donut
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Resolved! Issues with testing AMAPI

Hi all! I'm want to start testing the AMAPI via the testing options provided by Google. Just to test policies that are not yet embedded in mainstream EMM solutions.  I'm following this guide: Android Management API - Quickstart - Colab ( a...

Michel by Level 1.6: Donut
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Android devices unable to check in with MS Intune

We are using Microsoft Intune MDM to manage over 2000 Android devices and are having difficulty allowing devices to communicate with Intune from within our network.  We have followed several network requirements docs including the following: Network ...

rmarr by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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Introducing the different Android device management options

If you’re just starting out with device management and are looking to maximize your investment, whilst also maximizing security and data protection, then read on.    Android Enterprise offers a range of options to deploy and manage Android devices, d...

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Rose by Google Community Team
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Updated FAQ Section

Hey everyone!   Just wanted to let you know that we've updated our FAQ section (found on the Community header) with some new information. This update came straight from suggestions by our awesome Community Product Experts. The new FAQ aims to address...

ReeceK by Google Community Team
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Celebrating 1 year of the Customer Community

Hello everyone,   It's hard to believe it's been a year since we launched this amazing community! In that short time, you've all come together to share knowledge, solve problems, and help each other navigate the world of using Android for work.   Her...

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Lizzie by Google Community Manager
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