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Work Profile and Photo profile not aligning

When i go into the google messaging app on my android and add a photo there is a work profile. In this work profile there have are photos that have been deleted from the rest of the phone. They aren't in a google drive, one drive or on the phone itse...

Enforce DNS Resolver (Private DNS) Using EMM/MDM

Is it possible to set/enforce the DNS resolver using an EMM/MDM?  I am thinking about using a custom DNS resolver like NextDNS, opentext/webroot DNS Protection or DNSFilter on smartphones and tablets that move between different WiFi and mobile networ...

Provisioning dedicated device

Hello I'm trying to provisioning a device into a fully managed dedicated device in Kiosk mode, and I have done it using Android Management Api and 6 tap method and QR code on welcome screen during factory reset.However, now I have device that after f...

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