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Welcome to the Admin discussion board!

Hello everyone, Welcome! If you are business admin or IT owner (or equivalent) and you are starting out with your research on managing devices/apps for your organization; or perhaps you are currently going through set-up and have questions this is th...

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Lizzie by Google Community Manager
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Intune COPE Device - Google Calendar crashes

Hello everyone,We have the problem that when I want to make the Google Calendar app available on a COPE device, it crashes after the welcome screen with the message "action not allowed".On Work Profile Only/BYOD it works without any problems. Are you...

danikr by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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Android COPE, Google Calendar "Action not allowed"

Dear Community, we wanted to use Google Calendar in Combination with Outlook Mobile (Sync Calendar) with Intune. Unfortunately, we are facing the issue, that Google Calendar does not start on our COPE enrollments.After setting permissions to Contacts...

w4lter by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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Resolved! Google Over-the-Air (GOTA) - How does it work?

Hi, Apologies for putting this as a generic query. I'm trying to find some answers to below questions regarding the working of GOTA solution. 1) Is GOTA a SaaS solution provided by google where authorized device resellers can create accounts and add ...

Resolved! Why some of our devices reseted automatically?

I am wondering some of customer facing devices reset automatically? Is there any reason behind this? From our customer, we got the following information about this issue.Case one is that the device got shut down due to the charge being finished. afte...

mhfaruk by Level 1.6: Donut
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Resolved! How often do STATUS_REPORT messages send for a device?

Hi, I am wondering how often a STATUS_REPORT PubSub message is sent for a device. Is it on a specific cadence? Random? When the device encounters a change (i.e. policy update)? I can't find anything in the PubSub docs (

mhfaruk by Level 1.6: Donut
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