Level 3.0: Honeycomb
Zero-touch enables simple, out of box enrolment for Android devices. The following resources may help you to get started. 
What is zero-touch enrolment?
Zero-touch enrolment allows IT admins to assign corporate devices to one (or multiple) EMM servers on purchase from a zero-touch reseller. Once assigned, devices will attempt to begin the provisioning and enrolment process as soon as a network connection is established fresh out of the box, no further configuration required.
If you're familiar with Knox Mobile Enrolment (KME), Apple DEP, or Windows AutoPilot, it's a very similar solution. 
Read more about zero-touch: 
What devices support zero-touch?
Today, devices running Android 8.0 or later can support zero-touch optionally, and all devices running 9.0 or later support it by default, including Samsung (🎉).
Can devices purchased from anywhere be used with zero-touch?
No, only devices purchased from authorised resellers are eligible for zero-touch today. Resellers have access to the zero-touch reseller portal and will be able to upload purchased devices. 
A list of current zero-touch resellers can be located here.
Does my EMM support zero-touch enrolment?
You'll be hard-pressed to find any EMM in 2023 that does not support zero-touch enrolment, but if you want to be sure, check out this pre-filtered link to the solutions directory.
I'm having issues with zero-touch
Most commonly when issues arise it is due to - 
  1. Network
  2. Configuration
  3. Incorrect assignment
Network - Zero-touch won't initiate if there's no valid network, be that WiFi or LTE. If the device continues to setup normally without zero-touch initiation, check the network the device is connecting/connected to has access to Google services.
Configuration - Often a configuration is created, but not assigned. Keep in mind unless the configuration is set to default, no newly added devices into the zero-touch portal will receive the configuration. Ensure the device is listed (IMEI/serial) in the portal and a configuration is assigned to it.
Assignment - Sometimes devices are added with an incorrect, or mistyped manufacturer name. If devices show correctly in the portal, with a valid configuration assigned, and the device has network access to Google services, reach out to your reseller to validate the devices have been correctly added to the portal.
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