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Hello everyone,


We regularly get asked here in the community and at events what is Android Enterprise? How do I access it? Do I need a licence? How can it help and be applied to my organisation? 


If you are new to thinking about Android in a work capacity or are in your early part of your enterprise journey, you might be reading this and have those exact questions! 😀 To help you with getting started, we have created this video especially for the Customer Community to hopefully provide you with some answers. 


If you find this useful or you have any additional questions please do add a comment or create a new discussion here


Thank you.



A special shoutout to Rose and Elsa, for creating this video. 


Level 1.5: Cupcake

This video does not address making Enterprise Devices all use the same settings which is a MAJOR issue in App consistency and reliability.


Without this, a different setting on one device could easily cause the App to fail.

Setting up Android Enterprise is a complete nightmare. There is almost no technical documentation and like this video, just drives developers crazy but ignoring the details.

Google Community Manager
Google Community Manager

Hello @aitc,


Thank you for your reply here and thank you for watching the video. 


I understand from your message you were keen to learn more about the process involved in building apps with Android Enterprise from a developer perspective. This video is really aimed at providing an overview to those who are looking at adopting Android Enterprise from a device/security/feature management point of view, so this is why we didn't cover any of the app development side of things.


Having said this, I wonder if you have visited our developer pages which has a lot of detail on this area, you might find this useful: Building apps with Android Enterprise. You should find specific videos there too.


Lastly, this is just the first video of this kind we have shared here in the Customer Community, so if there is information we have not included and you'd like to see it please do let us know. 


Thank you and good luck,