[Guide] How to Accept a Solution: Acknowledge Helpful Responses

Google Community Team

What: Our Accepted Solution feature helps other community members quickly identify the answer that resolved the issue. When you accept a solution, topics with this mark show higher in community search ratings, making it easier for others to benefit from it in the future. It's also nice for the responder to know their reply helped you, so consider adding a thank you comment as well.


Step 1: Select a reply.

Step 2: Identify the response that best answers the question and click on the "Accept as solution" button located on the right side of that response.



Accepted solutions.png


Step 3: Once a response is marked as the accepted solution, it will be highlighted with a green tick in the top left corner, and the entire post will be highlighted in green, indicating that it has been accepted as the solution.


Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 15.04.38.png