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4th October, 2023


With more and more businesses adopting distributed working, Android Enterprise is committed to ensuring companies have the tools to manage their fleet of devices effectively. That’s why Android 14 introduces even more advanced security and granular management features to help you meet the diverse and customized needs of managing and securing your business, in ways that work for you. 


Security on a cellular level

Secure devices with 2G connectivity controls


As a first-of-its-kind, Android 14 allows IT admins to disable 2G support in their fleet of managed devices. 2G networks do not have the same level of security as successive networks. They lack standard mutual authentication, making them susceptible to Person-in-the-Middle attacks, and are weak to interception and decryption of 2G traffic. However, all mobile devices still support 2G networks, and will automatically connect if no other networks are available, or prompted to in a malicious attack. The ability to turn off the 2G radio completely, or when employees are traveling to high-risk locations, gives companies granular control over potential security risks and offers another layer of security.




Radio silence (if desired or required) 

Help meet NIAP requirements with managed ultra-wide band


Android 14 takes the UWB support that was introduced in Android 13, one step further. Businesses can now manage their UWB radio via an EMM policy to meet NIAP requirements. They can easily enable or disable the radio at any time. 




Security as standard

Increase screen lock security with default 6-digit PIN 


An increasingly distributed workforce increases the risk of endpoint security threats. That’s why Android 14 steps up security with a default 6-digit PIN requirement. So employees can safely access their devices and data wherever they are, without worrying about unauthorized access.


Safe storage

Protect access with powerful credential manager controls


We're all about efficiency. But convenience shouldn't come at the cost of security. Android 14 lets IT admins manage permissions in the work profile and on fully managed devices to enforce a default credential manager. This way, employees can only save work credentials and passwords to a trusted credential manager. Did somebody say streamlined security?


Learn more about what’s new in our Help Center FAQ.


Are you planning to adopt Android 14 features immediately? Which of these new security features will be most helpful to you? Please share any feedback you have below. 



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