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4th October, 2023


With the rise of remote working, employees are no longer tied to an office or even a single location. This means that they need tools that can help them switch into work mode seamlessly and be productive no matter where they are. Android 14 makes it easy for employees to work from anywhere, with new customisations and productivity features that work hard to ease hard work - no matter the location.


Quick as a click 

Save work screenshots directly to the Work Profile


Have you ever gone to quickly take a screenshot of something work-related as a reference point, only to realise that screenshots have been disabled and miss the moment, or worse - have to painstakingly copy everything down? With Android 14, screenshots taken within the work profile are saved to the work profile. So, businesses can enable the feature with confidence. Employees can take screenshots of work apps and websites, email them to colleagues, upload them to work storage, and work productively without risking security and data leaks. 


Control what you share

Share only selected apps with partial screen share


No more derailing a meeting with that super cute background pic of your dog, or accidentally risking the details of a new secret project, or even presenting personal messages to your entire team. Partial screen share helps protect employee privacy and affords more control over what’s seen. When making a work call on the go, rather than having to share their whole screen as they find the relevant tab, employees can simply select which profile or app they make visible, so nothing personal accidentally makes it on air, and focus remains firmly on business. 

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Smooth switching

Work effortlessly across profiles


Today’s distributed workforce expects the ability to work anywhere anytime, switching fluidly between work and personal. So devices need to do the same. That’s why Android 14 focuses on enhancing the cross-profile experience. When opening a link, employees can choose which profile or app to open it in, saving time having to dive between profiles.


And nothing says efficiency like the all-new in-app profile switching. Within Google apps, employees can simply swipe on their profile icon to access their work profile or personal account. For ease, employees can also now view and change their work profile settings from both their work and personal profiles in the settings.


Working with you

Empower employees with visual and hearing accessibility features


Android Enterprise is here to empower all employees. Visual accessibility features like improved magnification and nonlinear font size scaling, makes it easier for employees to read text without anything being cut off or becoming too large to fit the screen.  The new font size tile in the quick setting menu also means employees can adjust text size quickly, without having to dive into settings - ideal for sharing info with a customer. Android 14 also gives employees more control over how their device interacts with hearing devices. Dedicated hearing aid controls can be accessed with a swipe from the homescreen, and employees can select which sounds go to their speaker, and which to their hearing device for the ultimate audio setup. And for when audio just doesn’t cut it, screen and/or camera flash notifications give visible alerts, so employees can confidently zone into a project, without the fear of missing something important. 

Flash notifictions.png


Putting the you in unique

Create generative AI wallpapers on Pixel devices


A business is only as good as its employees, and Android 14 is all about celebrating the unique workforce. Employees using Pixel 8 onward are able to experience Google’s generative AI technology by creating personalised wallpapers that match their personality. With so many of us working on the go, it’s always nice to be able to customise your office. 


Learn more about what’s new in our Help Center FAQ.


Which feature do you think will have the most impact on your way of working? Which features are you most excited about?Please share any feedback you have below. 



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Level 1.6: Donut
Level 2.0: Eclair

Hi, according to this articles the screen shots of work profile is supposed to get saved in the work profile in Android 14. But this doesnt seem to be working on my Samsung S23. The screen shots are still getting stored in the personal profile. Is these some setting I am missing. I am using the Android Management API to create these work profiles.

Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung being Samsung. 


Search "Screen capture"


They have their own API for it


Level 2.0: Eclair

If you update Samsung devices from Android 13 to Android 14, the existing storage paths for screenshots will be used. That means that work screenshots will still be saved in the personal area after upgrading to Android 14.
If the Work Profile is created on Android 14, work screenshots will be saved in the Work Profile.


Samsung is not treating this as a bug, and I submitted a feature request to Samsung in February.

The OS version during enrollment is not permanently saved in the MDM. It is therefore not possible to properly evaluate how the devices actually behave. This is a pity, because the work screenshots are an important feature.


There is a workaround for the screenshot paths, but you have to use the KSP (KNOX Service Plugin; App to set OEM settings).

  • KSP > Work Profile Configuration > Configure the screen capture file storage path
    Use this field to specify the storage path of screen capture file in the workspace. If it is set to False, the storage path is the Work Area. If it is set to True, it is saved in the Owner Area.
Level 2.0: Eclair

Thank you for the responses. Also we have noticed that on pixel devices with new work profile on Android 14 devices the screenshots get stored in work profile but screen recordings get stored in personal profile.

Google Community Manager
Google Community Manager

Hey @Prathik,


Great to see you back in the community, I hope you are doing well. 


Thanks for sharing your experience with this feature here, it's really useful.


Regarding your point about Pixel screen recordings specifically, are you seeing any difference between updating from Android 13 to 14 and devices that go straight on to Android 14 (similarly mentioned for Samsung in @Alex_Muc's message)? 


Thanks again.


Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

Recordings are a known issue 😅

Level 2.0: Eclair

Yes, on Pixel devices all screen recordings will be saved in the personal area. The responsible app acts like any other 3rd party recording app in the personal area, provided that screen recordings are allowed.
I don't use native screen recording on Samsung devices because the video recording always stops as soon as you switch between the personal and work context. However, the videos end up in the correct area. But if you're recording a video for a bug, this is super counterproductive. Since the app launcher belongs to the personal area, the recording always stops when you want to switch between work apps. The default setting on Samsung, for example, is great for strict data separation, but usability suffers as a result.


@Prathikis definitely right if you want to record a single Work App with a Pixel device. The video should be saved in the Work Profile.

However, where videos that record both personal and work data should be saved is an interesting question. All the better if it is a known issue and Google is already thinking about it. 😋