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AI is a topic on many people's minds at the moment - did you know in a recent workplace technology survey, 50% of employees said they improved productivity and quality of work with AI tools(1)?


Android Enterprise is launching a new digital series called Android Talks, focusing on Google AI on Android and we are pleased to officially invite you to the first episode 😀:


Android Talks AI

June 5, 2024

8:30-8:50am PDT


Together with special guests from Samsung and Pixel, we’ll talk about how you and your employees can make the most of AI, no matter where work takes them, while demonstrating some of the most groundbreaking business features in action.


Join us to learn how you and your employees can radically reduce the time spent on everyday tasks, boost creativity, and improve knowledge – all with the added bonus of more control and stronger security. 


To register for this event, please visit the event page here.



(1) CCS Insight Employee Workplace Technology Survey | January 2023

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