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The new Multi EMM feature is now available. This feature will now allow an IT admin to bind multiple EMMs to their customer managed Google domain account, giving more flexibility and control over how you manage your organization's Android devices.  


Figure 1:  Multi EMM binding in Google management consoleFigure 1:  Multi EMM binding in Google management console


 Here are some of the benefits it provides:

  • More flexibility: you can choose the right EMM for each user group in your organization. For example, you can use one EMM for engineers and another for retail staff.
  • Enhanced control: you can now have multiple instances of the same EMM provider, for example a cloud instance and an on-premise instance, to manage different sets of users or test pre-production features
  • Easier migrations: you can now run multiple EMMs in parallel, allowing you to perform phased migrations from an old EMM to the new EMM over time.


Here are some new capabilities to be aware of:

  1. Binding multiple EMMs with your Workspace account using the admin console: To get started, simply go to the Admin console and navigate to Devices > Mobile & endpoints > Settings > Third-party integrations > Manage EMM providers.  From here you can generate an enrollment token and use it to bind with one or more EMMs. Visit the Help Center to learn more about binding multiple EMM providers and enable it for your organizational units.
  2. Enrolling a device with a Google account: you can select the EMM to use for enrollment by choosing from the dropdown for the OU (Organization Units) in the admin console. All accounts from that OU will have the EMM pushed to their device when they log in.
  3. App install by setting policy for the enrolled device: with multi EMM, if a private app is published to any EMM binding ID, then that app is automatically also available to use through other bindings as well.  You can find more information in our Help Center regarding creating web apps and distributing private apps.
  4. If you are binding multiple EMMs to a managed Google domain account, you will use the EMM iframe and not to access the managed Google Play store.
  5. Unbinding the EMM through the admin console is done through the Manage EMM providers page.


  • Now available to all managed Google domain accounts, and Google Workspace customers.


If you have any questions or want to provide any feedback, please add a comment below.


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