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Google Community Manager

Hello everyone,


We’re excited to announce improvements to our signup process for new Android Enterprise users. With this new signup experience, we've made it easier and more intuitive for businesses to deploy multiple Google products alongside Android Enterprise. 


Key benefits include:

  • Simplified IT Admin Experience: IT admins can now sign up using their corporate email address, eliminating the need for Gmail accounts. This streamlined process reduces the risk of lost or deleted accounts and improves the overall management of credentials.
  • Centralized Setup: Setup tasks, such as syncing users and configuring single sign-on (SSO), can now be performed centrally through the Google Admin console. These changes apply to multiple Google product deployments, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your IT environment.
  • Seamless Upgrade Process: If you wish to add additional Google products (e.g Chrome Enterprise Upgrade for Chromebooks, Chrome Browser Cloud Management, Google Workspace) to your existing deployment, you can do so seamlessly without the need for separate registrations. Simply select the products you want to enable in Google Admin Console, and the products will be automatically enabled to your organization’s account.
  • Enhanced flexibility and control: This improved signup experience allows you to bind multiple EMM instances to your customer account. This enables parallel testing of pre-production environments or phased migrations to a new EMM, providing greater flexibility and control over your IT infrastructure.


As we continue our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, this improved signup process is designed to help your organization get the most out of Google’s enterprise products. Stay tuned for further updates from your EMM partner as this enhancement is rolled out for new Android Enterprise customers over the coming months.


The Android Enterprise Team