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Hello everyone,


I just wanted to highlight that on December 7th, 2023, Android Enterprise hosted a webinar on 'Setting the standards of mobility in the financial services'.  If you missed it, no need to worry, the recording is now available!


The webinar covers:

  • How Android Enterprise’s flexible, powerful, and modern mobility management solutions can empower your financial organization to meet evolving workplace mobility needs
  • Explore how features like Managed Google Play and Work Profile can simplify your device management strategy
  • Gain valuable insights into industry best practices and strategies from Google and IIFL Finance product leaders

If you are working in the financial sector or are looking to find out more about the different solutions available when using Android for work, then I would recommend taking a watch. Click here to visit our webinar page. 


If you have any follow-up questions or have any suggestions on future webinar ideas please do share them below. 


Thank you,