Cannot install intune

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Hi everyone,


I am unable to install intune. It runs but pops up a message "Couldn't add your device. Your organization hasnt setup device administration privileges in their tenant. Contact your company support for help." Incident ID is 7SHTMME9.


I spoke to my company's IT department and they said to check with google enterprise on compatibility issue. 

My device is a Lenovo android tablet xiaoxin pad pro 2022. Model is TB138FC.


Any solutions?


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1st to your question: Your device is not Android recommended....BUT 

2nd: i don't think the error message you see is related. it more likely says that your account has not being enrolled in Intune to be able to enroll it on a device. So on my opinion they need to check where the issue lies.

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Thanks for the reply. Intune is running fine on my mobile phone. I am trying to get it on my lenovo android tablet tb138fc but i am unable to.

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Your organisation have essentially 3 option for Android management when it comes to enrolling devices in to Intune and manage them. Device Administrator is one of them but that's not recommended to use and Microsoft is ending support for that in August of this year.

Second and most common option is Android Enterprise, this however requires your device to support that management option. From a quick google search this device models does not seem to support Android Enterprise. 

Your IT department need to guide you here on how you should proceed. 

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Thanks for the reply. So does that mean that for now, as long as i have a device that is android enterprise recommended like the Xiaomi tab SE, intune will work? 

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It should work as it got Android Enterprise certified, yes.

But in general in case of BYOD, most devices in private use won't have this certification but should still be able to use it, depending a lot on the oem build correctly by the manufacturer.

Google Community Team

Hey @Liehuo,


I hope you're doing well.


I wanted to check in on how things are going with enrolling the tablet? Have you made any progress or encountered any further issues?


When possible could you please provide the exact model name? This will help me look for the device in our solutions directly. Alternatively, you can explore this yourself by clicking here


Thanks, Reece


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Hi Reece, 

I am still not able to install work profile intune. My device is a Lenovo android tablet xiaoxin pad pro 2022. Model is TB138FC. 

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Hello @Liehuo ,

As explained earlier, this is probably an Intune configuration issue. You should probably contact their support team to figure this out as something is misconfigured on your Intune tenant.