Enforce DNS Resolver (Private DNS) Using EMM/MDM

Level 2.0: Eclair

Is it possible to set/enforce the DNS resolver using an EMM/MDM? 🤔


I am thinking about using a custom DNS resolver like NextDNS, opentext/webroot DNS Protection or DNSFilter on smartphones and tablets that move between different WiFi and mobile networks to block certain contents.


Thanks for your input.


Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

Haven't seen something like that yet for DNS but you can configure a proxy per Wifi to handle such requests.

The bad thing is that as soon as the devices are on mobile data this won't take place anymore.


For sure you can install apps you mentioned but you may need to ensure they provide managed app config to configure them automatically instead of manual handling per device (if they don't provide it you may contact the developer if they can add such possibility).


You could also block defined content via "web filtering" (called in our MDM) directly if you "only" want to block defined web sites (or only allow defined web sites).