How to set up qr code after factory reset

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I'm missing some context to your request here, but -

  • To generate a new QR code, refer to your EMM documentation on how and where this is configured
  • To use a QR code on a reset device, tap 6 times on the welcome screen to invoke the QR code reader.

I trust one of those will point you in the right direction

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Heloo good day,

I resetd at factory mode and now my phone need me to scan QR but I don’t have a box to scan.

please advise me

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Once the device has been factory reset, as @jasonbayton mentionned, you need to press 6 times on your screen to start the camera to scan the QR Code. Usually this is done on the  welcome screen just after the device reboot from factory reset. 

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Just @ mentioning here to check you saw @jasonbayton's response. I hope this helps.



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