Intune not adding PROVISIONING EXTRAS - Zero-Touch

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Have an issue when linking Intune to Zero-touch.
When connecting the 2, it does not add any "PROVISIONING EXTRAS" 

I can create it manualy, with the EMM DPC and DPC extras.
When i asign it manualy it work, but when it's set to "Enterprise Default Profile" it will look at the DPC extras from intune (That is Empty) and then just ask for QR or code to the Profile.
The Intune profile that is selected as default is a "Corporat-owned, fully managed user device" profile in ZT

Have been in contact with Microsoft regarding this for 3 months, and they cannot help me, they only thing they can say is "The profile maybe Corrupt" and we need to create a new one. We have 250 devices added to ZT by this point

Have tried unlinking, and linking after waiting 24 hours, and so on. But nothing have worked.


Zero-touch No DPC Extra2.png

I was hoping that someone in here can help me with this 🙃


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@jeremy@jasonbayton@Moombas@Timmy wondering if you have any thoughts on this one? (Thank you in advance)

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Yes so this is usually populated by the EMM (Intune in this case) they might have an issue, but it's on their end as this is a parameters sent through the URL to the iframe.

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The "Link your zero-touch account to your EMM provider" from the Intune UI is not something I recommend anyone to use. A few years ago when it was first introduced In Intune I wrote an article on it here:

the conclusion was that unless you are only using 1 profile for "Corporate-owned, fully managed user device" its pretty much useless. And it has to much knowledge not changed since then and that's often a sign that its no longer getting the love and attention from Microsoft which you also somewhat experienced in your support request. 

There is no need or requirement to use the "Link your zero-touch account to your EMM provider" from the Intune when working with Android Enterprise and Zero touch and I'll happy to point you in the right direction for things if there are certain specific scenarios you wish to cover. 


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It's not an uncommon complaint, intune's implementation leaves a lot to be desired. 


As Timmy suggests, better to avoid it and handle ZT through the customer portal (

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Thanks for all the replies.

The idea was that we deliver the Tablets directry to different locations, without going into the portal, and changing the Profile every time (Have done this the last 3 months).

I guess it will work if i remove the connection/Link to Intune, and set the "Default configuration" to the Intune configuration i have created manually in Zero-touch? 

Again, thanks for all the awnsers, was not able to find anything about this anywere,

Hope this can help some other people having the same issue in the future.

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Yes exactly. If you're efficient with it you can time the profile default with the order you make with a reseller, switching them up as needed to auto-assign to different configs by order.


That, or lean on the zero-touch customer API, which allows you to automatically and in bulk manage devices and their configs