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I use Microsoft Intune to manage Android devices. I removed the Google Play account from the tenant after going into the account and deleting all of the Android devices, and then removing the tenant from the Admin portion of the Google Play account. All good.


So I have a clean slate, and in Intune I connected the new account. There was no confirmation or anything. But the account is not showing in Intune. It's been about 1.5 hours. If I try to connect it, it says "This enterprise is already enrolled with another EMM." Since it's not with the old account any longer, I'm assuming it IS connected to my new account.


How long does it generally take before I see in Intune that the account is connected?


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Great to meet you. It's a good question.


@Timmy@jarmo_akkanen, I wonder if you might know more on this? (Thanks so much)

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Just to verify, are you looking under
Devices -> Android -> Android Enrollment -> Managed Google Play ?
Tenant Administration -> Connectors and tokens -> Managed Google play ? 

My experience has been it should reflect pretty quickly but haven't tried this scenario lately. I can test it and see what happens. 

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It should be pretty immediate. Either pop into admin settings of play and delete the enterprise, then go again with intune, or reach out to MS support to see if it's configured in the background but bugging out on your tenant