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Hello everyone,


I`m from the Netherlands and we are new with Android Enterprise.

We want to use Android Enterprise (we using now Samsung Knox with EMM Microsoft Intune).

How we can join Android Enterprise?

Do we register for every customer a Google Enterprise environment?


Or, as IT partner do we need a global partner portal, and inside the partner portal of our company we can create customer portals? 

How it's works ?


For MDM we using Microsoft Intune (our customers using Microsoft Business Premum licenties).


Maybe, is a step-by-step instruction and how-to for using Android Enterprise?

Tips etc.


We want to quit with Samsung Knox (because, you can use this with Samsung devices)
Android Enterprise Zero Touch, is for all Android systems what i mean.


Can you add a device manual at Android Enterprise Zero touch? Or it works only to buy a new device by a reseller as 'Coolblue' ?


Kind regards,



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Android Enterprise is a set of features made available by Google for EMM. You can use Android Enterprise with Intune, you can read more about Android Enterprise and Intune here


Android Enterprise is integrated into EMM solution like Intune but you have several available solutions that might fit your needs, you can find the list here


Regarding Zero Touch devices, you cannot add them manually, you have to ask your reseller to load your device into your Zero Touch account, 


Please let us know if you have any questions

Hello Jeremy, thanks for anwsering.

Okay, i thought it was possible to add Android phones to Android Enterprise (because the requirement for using with intune is Android version 8 what i has read).

Is it possible using existing Android phones to connect with android enterprise or something ?

When a user reset his phone they get a company device and setup, and is monitoring with Intune.

What for solutions are possible ?


Our customers using existing Android phones, and want using Microsoft Intune / MDM. What is the best practices ? Our customers using different brands of Android phones (Samsung, Motorolla, Oppo etc)

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I would say it depends of your use case,

What are you trying to achieve? you mentioned your customers are you an EMM or an ISV?


If the device belongs to the company you should do Fully Managed Devices, or COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled), if they are owned by the user, Work Profile is the way to go

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Hey Pim!


You might find some of my introductory docs useful for getting to grips with AE - 


There are links to other resources there within also 🙂