Zero Touch - Enterprise default configuration not applied automatically

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Having problems with new devices getting added to our ZeroTouch portal with the 'enterprise default configuration'.
They do not get provisioned with any profile, and ends up asking for QR code at setup time on device.
Even though i have assigned a configuration as the standard configuration under the configuration "blade".
If i assign the same configuration directly / manually later to a device, it works just fine, but that kinda removes the automation out of this process.
So are we missing something or why it's not working?
ALSO, how can we get notified by email when new device are added to the portal ?
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Hi @EndUserTechCBC 


It sounds like the integration between the EMM and ZT hasn't passed over the relevant enrolment token. When this happens it will provision up to enrolment and then ask for a code/scan. 


Are you able to verify the integration is correct?


There are no alerts unfortunately when devices are added. That's a good feature request for @Lizzie 



The integration works fine.


The default profile assigned to the newly added device is not effective.


The default profile is set to our only business profile, Ms Intune MDM.

To have the thing working, we need to manually change the profile assigned to the device from Default to our Business profile and have the device reset.


Our Business Ms Intune MDM is set as default profile.





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To risk repeating myself (sorry!) if the profile Intune created in ZT as the Default Enterprise Profile is not working correctly, but others do, it's a configuration issue with Intune. 


Have you read through the intune docs and are you using the supported deployment scenario for this? Perhaps remove and re-add the integration following the docs and try once more.



We have only one configuration profile and it’s for MDM Ms Intune.


Set as Default, not effective at device setup time. Need to manually assign it later to the device and have the device reset. The SAME profile works when assigned manually…


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Hey @EndUserTechCBC,


Thanks for your post here and welcome to the customer community. I thought it would make a good topic on it's own, so I hope you don't mind I've moved it out and here is the direct link to find it. I've used the title at the top of your message, but let me know if you'd like something else.


Thanks for this @jasonbayton, this is great suggestion. I'd love to hear more on how you'd like this to work - perhaps in a new thread. 



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