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Please note: the below information is not relevant for Workspace organisations, or if you are using the new Android Enterprise sign-up experience (from 2024 onwards) please refer to this Help Center article instead. 


The ability to manage and publish apps to your devices is important for any IT owner or administrator. So, it goes without saying that maintaining control of the Google accounts associated with your Managed Google Play enterprise is high-priority. 


To help with this, we’d recommend the following best practices: :


  • Additional account owners/admin: add multiple owners to your Managed Google Account enterprise so you can still organise managed Google Play apps, even if one owners’ account is impacted 


  • Stay informed with notifications: add a recovery email or contact information to your Google Account(s), so you are notified of any changes with your account


  • 2-step verification: add an additional layer of security to your account (keep in mind, if you transfer your account to another member of your team, you will need to update this)

  • Keep a record of your Enterprise ID number (also called Organisation ID): this ID is a unique identifier for the binding between your EMM instance and your Managed Google Play account. This might be asked for from third-party app developers or if you ever need to troubleshoot an issue, this ID number is a handy reference for your account. To locate this, take a look at this Help Center article.   

What should I do if my Google account is deleted and it’s the only account associated with my organisations/Enterprise Managed Google Play account? 


When the Google account of the only admin associated with the Managed Google Play organisation/enterprise account is deleted, the organisation/Enterprise will become orphaned.   It will remain fully functional (retaining the ability to enrol new devices and manage apps), except you will not be able to log into services that require that deleted Google account (such as your Managed Google Play account).


If you have an additional owner or admin associated (as mentioned above in the best practices), you reduce the risk of your organisation/Enterprise becoming orphaned.


If this happens, to regain access* you’ll need to associate a new Google account to your organisation/Enterprise. Following best practices, we would recommend updating this as soon as possible. 


To add a new Google account:

  • Open a support ticket directly with your EMM
  • Include the new Google account you wish to use as a replacement


Your EMM will then raise a ticket directly with Google to rebind your new Google gmail account to your organisation. Simply, accept the Play Terms of Service and return to business as usual. 


*Please note, if your account was closed before 23 November  2023, unfortunately there is no way to recover the organisation account associated with it. 


We know this has been a popular question within the community, so I hope this is helpful.


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