Community Update: April 2024

Google Community Team

Dear Community Members 🤘,


I wanted to take the time to share with you an update on the community, packed with exciting news and highlights from the past few months!


  1. 8 Month Growth Milestone 🎊

Exciting news! Our Customer Community has hit a major milestone! Thanks to your active involvement and valuable contributions, we've welcomed over 3000 members. This incredible achievement showcases the lively engagement and expansion of our community, and we can't wait to keep growing together on this journey!


  1. Acknowledging our Community Experts 🥇:

A huge shoutout to our dedicated Community Experts - @jasonbayton@Moombas, @jeremy . Their consistent contributions and support have been instrumental in shaping our community. 


  1. Spotlight on YOU 🧾:

Special mention to @travisreeves  for his invaluable insights on how Android Enterprise is making a tangible difference at Amedisys, a leading home healthcare provider. Discover how their innovative use of technology is revolutionizing patient care and streamlining operations. Have questions about their approach or want to share your thoughts on the impact of technology in healthcare? Feel free to join the conversation here!


  1. Intro Thread 💭:

It has been great learning more about YOU. We're always excited to hear about your experiences with Android Enterprise, whether it's how you got started, or even what hobbies you like to do outside of work. Feel free to introduce yourself or reply to others here!


  1. A Community Recap of MWC Barcelona 🇪🇸:

Community Expert @jasonbayton , shared a comprehensive recap of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona this year. Jason's insights offer a valuable perspective.You can check out his recap here.


  1. Your Help 🙏:

Thank you to all of you who have asked questions, created discussions or provided feedback over the past months. Many of you have also taken time to give updates on fixes and ideas. All of this contributes to the wider community. 


Big thank you from myself and the rest of the community management team here, let's keep this community rocking! 🎸



Community Manager