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Google Community Manager
Google Community Manager

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Android Enterprise Community!

Our mission at Android Enterprise is to make the most trusted and helpful platform for work. Android has always been a platform that encourages community collaboration, creativity and support, and so we’ve created this community to provide a space for you and your peers to connect with each other and Android Enterprise.

Our community guidelines and tips are here to help create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone who visits the community. Take a look below...

Be polite and respectful

  • We can all learn something new. Encourage the best in each other, even if you have a difference in opinion
  • Keep in mind that when a member is posting they may not be writing in their first language

Create a safe place for all

  • Ensure everyone feels welcomed in our community
  • If you see an issue or you want to flag content shared in the community please report it to your Community Manager to review 
  • Ensure you adhere to these Community Guidelines and the Community Terms of service

Make the most of your time in the community

  • Looking for something specific? Use the search bar to search for any existing content or conversations
  • Post your question or reply in the most appropriate board, to make it easier for community members to find and respond
  • When creating a new conversation, add a compelling and relevant title
  • Write clearly and provide full responses, remember you may also need to provide additional context
  • Offer support, even if it’s a simple thumbs up
  • Keep the content shared safe-for-work and family-appropriate, remember this content is public so never share any personal information such as passwords or email addresses
  • If you have ideas on what you would like to see more on in the community, please do share with your community manager (@Lizzie)

Things to avoid

  • Advertising of commercial products or services
  • Personal information
  • Spam content, repeatedly posting the same content. Repeatedly targeting or trolling of others
  • Abusive, threatening or rude behaviour, as well as encouraging others in this behaviour
  • Sexual, explicit or illegal material, or content that directs to sites containing this 
  • Sharing any material that is copyrighted or subject to/violates any, third party proprietary rights
  • Content or behaviour that is in conflict with our Terms of service


We look forward to seeing you in the community. 🙂


Welcome to the Community everyone!

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