[Community Team Update] Welcoming Reece to the team...

Google Community Manager
Google Community Manager

Hello everyone,


I hope you are having a great start to your week.


I have some exciting community team news to update you on - I’m pleased to introduce Reece, who will be joining our small, but mighty team here in the Customer Community! @ReeceK might be new to you, but he's certainly not new to our community, as he was a driving force behind our previous Help Community, so it's great to see him back. 


Please say hello, if you can, by replying below or when you see him around in the community. 👏


Thanks everyone,


Welcome to the Community everyone!

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Google Community Team

Hey All! 


Thanks Lizzie for the introduction. 


As mentioned my name is Reece, and I am super excited to be joining the team as a Community Manager for the Android Enterprise Customer Community. I am thrilled to be part of such an exciting community, I'm here to ensure your experience within the community meets your expectations.


Let's kick things off with three fun facts about me: 


  1. I am a huge Jamiroquai fan, I have seen them live over 6 times.
  2. I once auditioned for ‘Star Wars - The Force Awakens’. 
  3. My favourite travel destination is Tokyo. 


With that said, I look forward to seeing this community flourish with your contributions, questions, and insights. Stay tuned for engaging discussions, valuable insights, and more surprises along the way.


Lastly, I thought I would start my first post with a fun question for you to answer, you can check it out here




Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

Hi Reece,

nice to read you here and looking forward to read from you more in future.

So welcome to the community and let's have good conversations here and hope we can help and learn from each other.


Tokio would be also one of the cities i would really like to visit but won'T be able to in near future 😉

Google Community Team

Hi @Moombas  


Absolutely, anything you need from me please feel free to reach out anytime. Very excited at what the future looks like for the community. 


Whats your favourite city?.



Level 3.0: Honeycomb

The GOAT has arrived!


🎉 🐐 🎉


Look forward to having you solve all our problems mate 😉 

Google Community Team

You're too kind Jason, too kind. 🐐

Level 1.5: Cupcake

Hi Reece!


Good to see you again, mate.

Excited to see you in London.


Google Community Team

@iamavishkar really good to hear from you, its been a while. 


If you need anything reach out anytime.