Global contact lookup from system dialer via Outlook App

Level 2.0: Eclair

Hi everyone,


I just trying to find out whether other Android Enterprise users/admins are struggeling with the same issue than we do. Our pain point is the user experience on making phone calls to (remote) contacts from an Android Enterprise device. 


Today, you can search personal and company / work profile contacts if they are saved to the local contact databases on the device. BUT you have to switch to another app (in our case MS Outlook) to search for remote contacts if you did not save/export the contact to the local contacts database.


My DCR with MS is about a feature implementation into MS Outlook app to answer search requests for contacts from the dialer app directly into GAL. As far as I can see in the developer API of Android Enterprise this should be possible: Work profile contacts  |  Android Developers

And: I did see this thing working on Android Enterprise enrolled devices on Google workspace!


Are other admins thinking about this as well? Can we use the community to put pressure on Microsoft to make this a feature of Outlook? (if technically possible for sure!)