Migrate from SOTI to Intune

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Does anyone have any experience with migration from Soti to intune? What was your experience and how did you do it? Do you have any tips?


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Hi Mirza,

not from my end but in general if you talk about fully managed or COPE devices you definitely need to wipe and re-enroll those devices as the MDM app will change and needs to be installed during enrollment. Not sure about BYOD but i think it's the same there (not wipe of the device but removing work profile and re assigning it from the new MDM).

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Hey Mirza,
We did migration (10k devices) last year from VMware Workspace One to MS Intune.
In WS1 we had whole 10k fleet managed as BYOD (Personally-Owned, Work Profile) but in Intune we wanted to have Corporate owned devices enroll as COPE (require factory reset) and Personal devices as BYOD.

Problem was like @Moombas described, COPE enrollment requires factory reset for the device and this turned out to be way too complicated and time consuming for end users. End users have to backup everything personal data+apps and also re-configure banking apps and other apps you cannot backup. 
Might be possible with max. 500 devices when you can basically guide each employee individually but not going to work with bigger fleet. We had to do 10k.

So, what we did?
We allowed all (also corporate device owners) migrate as BYOD. Basically just remove Work Profile and re-install WP --> DONE. Rather easy task for employees.
Then we just marked all corporate devices in Intune as Corporate (Device Ownership = Corporate). Just to make sure we can get correct reports out from Intune.
All new corporate owned devices we only allow enroll as COPE (device already in factory settings) so eventually (2-4 years) we are going to have all corporate owned devices enrolled as COPE and Personal devices enrolled as BYOD.