Provisioning dedicated device

Level 1.5: Cupcake

Hello I'm trying to provisioning a device into a fully managed dedicated device in Kiosk mode, and I have done it using Android Management Api and 6 tap method and QR code on welcome screen during factory reset.

However, now I have device that after factory reset does not display welcome activity.


How to provision device line this?



Level 2.0: Eclair

Not sure if understand what you mean, but do you want the device to get the fully managed configuration directly after reset without using the QR Code?


If yes, then you should look in to using zero touch enrollment with Android zero touch (all android from 9.0 and above) or Knox mobile enrollment (samsung Only).

Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

That sounds like an AOSP device? If there's no wizard & no preloaded Google apps it will not support AMAPI. 


There are ways to set non-GMS devices in DO but these don't still support Android Enterprise officially.

I agree. It sounds like either AOSP or Factory Reset Protection kicking in. If you had added a personal account to the device before the Factory Reset procedure it may now be prompting you to re-enter those account credentials to recover the device. That is Factory Reset Protection. It would however still appear like a variation of the startup wizard UI. If the device is AOSP (Non-GMS) then a Factory Reset will take you straight to the device home screen and you'll never see the SUW. In that case you may need to use an OEM provided method for AE enrollment. On Zebra AOSP devices for example you can use StageNow and still get the devices enrolled into an EMM under Device Owner.