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Hi everyone, 

We are using MS Intune to manage our Android devices. The Security patch level data on our Android BYOD enrolled devices seems to be blank on all devices as they do a new sync via Company portal app. It seems like this has all happened in the last few days.
Any other MS Intune customers seen this behavior last days? This is very critical to our device compliance.

Currently we have a little over 3000 devices enrolled in BYOD mode, and patch info is now missing for about 2/3 of them. On some of our devices where we still saw the info, we did a check device settings in the company portal, and then the info went away. This was with Company Portal version 5.0.5981.0. First guess was that some change to company portal app was causing this issue. There are a lot of devices with recent contact time that still show patch info now, but not sure what CP version is on them.



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Hi Jarmo,

i would think the same that this very looks like an issue to Microsofts CP app or Intune.
I'm pretty sure you find the security patch level in the settings of the device shown up correctly, please check.

If this is the case i recommend to reach out to Microsoft asap as this is very critical for you as you mentioned.


From my side i don't see such an issue in our MDM used on any Android version, which again brings me to the point that this seem to be an issue to an update of Microsoft CP or Intune.

Thanks for your reply!
Yep, from the device settings patch level is shown normally so we think it's an issue with MS CompanyPortal app or Intune. Most probably MS CP app since this is only happening BYOD enrolled devices with MS CP app and not "fully managed" COPE enrolled devices with MS Intune app.  

We have a case open with Microsoft, I'll keep you posted once we get this sorted out... hopefully soon.



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Issue fixed and root cause according to Microsoft:
A configuration problem caused the incorrect patch level to be displayed in the hardware inventory page for BYOD (bring your own device) Android devices. 
To help prevent similar impact in the future, we're investigating the underlying cause of the configuration problem.

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Thanks for sharing an update on this @jarmo_akkanen. Great to hear this has been fixed and future prevention is being looked into. 


@Moombas FYI ^^ 

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