When is the list of Android enterprise device updated ?

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The most recent device is a 5 month old device.

I am looking forward to buying a recently launched phone.


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Normally it takes time to get the devices on the Enterprise recommended list as the manufacturer and Google needs to get it verified and then again it can take time they appear in the list depending on Google'S update schedule for the list.

In general to be sure your device(s) will be AER, i strongly recommend to ask the manufacturer if the validation process is already ongoing or maybe already done but just not listed but before buying them.

But to be honest, if you have a device model listed several times already, you can expect the follow up model most likely will be as well.

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You can also filter by AER validation date in the portal. The March update also includes devices that were launched 2-3 months ago.

Moombas has provided useful tips for choosing a Android Enterprise Recommended device. Depending on your use case, it may also be interesting to find out how long security updates are guaranteed for a device model.
For example, this is a selection of devices that will receive security patches until at least 2030: https://androidenterprisepartners.withgoogle.com/devices/#!?smrDate=2030-01-27

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Or rely on what manufacturers provide to you when selling the devices, we get to know an unofficial extended support for one of our devices.

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@Moombas and @Alex_Muc have given you some great pointers here. I hope you find this useful.


It's great to hear that you are keeping an eye out on which devices meet Android Enterprise's recommendations. Are there any features you are particularly keen to have in your next device? Any phones you are particular looking to find more detail about?



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Can we we expect oneplus 11r and 12r adding to this list and recently launched moto edge 50 pro and oneplus nord ce 4.