Zero Touch Enrollment

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Hello guys,

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We are planning to use Zero Touch enrollment for one organization. This organization has devices in the field, and the end users are not technically proficient, making it difficult to guide them through a factory reset.

Given this, my question is: if we add these IMEI numbers to the portal, will it initiate a factory reset to enroll these devices into the platform? Is there any way to determine if these devices will perform a factory reset? I tested this with a Xiaomi device, but the notification saying "this device belongs to your organization, and your device will be reset" never appeared. I have observed that with some brands, Google forces a factory reset, but I am unsure what this depends on.

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Hi Stygia,


no an already enrolled device (even as enduser device) won't get a factory reset when you add it to ZTP.

You need to wipe any device manually (which is really not that hard even for technical non confident users if you provide them a guide with screenshots).