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Hi all, 


Hope you can help me out. I have begun the application process to join the Android Enterprise Partner Program - specifically, we'd like to be resellers. I submitted the information, but received a request and an error to update employee count info. When trying to do so, nothing lets me edit. This was several weeks ago and since then I received a denial for, you guessed it, incomplete information. 


I tried starting over, but now it won't let me get past the employee count question at all nor does it allow me to skip things I have no interest in - like integrating Android into our own hardware - we don't do that. 

What do I do? Kind of stuck. 


Thank you! 


Google Community Manager
Google Community Manager

Hello @alexd4891,


Welcome to the Android Enterprise Customer Community. 


It's great to hear you want to join our Partner Program. The best way to troubleshoot this is to message the team directly at ae-community@google.comIf you explain to them the difficulty you are experiencing with not being able to edit the employees they can look into this for you. 


I hope you get this resolved soon. It would be great to hear how you get on.




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I'm sure that if you would included android integration, you would have a better chance of joining the program. Why would they let you join when you won't let them join +1 to my employee account..and make sure it was android