[EMM] My Android EMM Registered account is forced to re-register Android Enterprise.

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Hello all,


I have my business account registered with Android EMM Registration for about 5 years. About a month ago, there was a problem with API connection with an error message 'UNAUTHENTICATED' reason 'CREDENTIALS_MISSING' which impact on device enrollment and app push service. I have no luck finding ways to fix it and I cannot open any support case with my free account. I decided to reconfigure Android EMM Registration with the same account. Google directed me to newly register enterprise account ended up with same account but different 'Client ID' and 'Google Service Account Email Address'. All my apps in private store and previous managed app are missing.


Is there any way to bind my email account back to Google Client ID? so I don't have to separate manage apps and devices on my EMM system.

Note When I login to Play Work, I still can see my previous 'Client ID' profile. However, on EMM system, it shows my new client profile.





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Hello @BKP1200,


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Thanks for your question here. I wonder have you tried accessing the Play console (https://play.google.com/console) with your email address and then assigning your apps to your new organisation ID? 


If anyone else has any other suggestions here, please do share 🙂 @Moombas@jasonbayton@jeremy@BenMcc 

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I still can login to Play console with same email which it shows all managed app correctly. However, there is nothing much to do on the page.

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Hi @BKP1200 ,


Sadly I don't think there is anyway to "bind" your email account back as a new registration creates a separate profile. Your best option may be to migrate it all from the old to the new which may be a manual task. Certainly from the Play side of things it will be seen as a different account.



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I am considering this option which is the last option to decide because it needs several duplicate configurations to support new set of Android registration while still be able to maintain current managed devices and apps.

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Ah man, you should have reached out with the first error and it likely would have been possible to restore access. If you've effectively unbound and rebound with a new enterprise, that's detached it fully. 


Are you the developer of the EMM system? Perhaps you can attempt to attach the enterprise to a customer account manually within your platform? If not, as @BenMcc @Lizzie say, migrating the apps between enterprises is the option you have. 


If you head to the Google Play Console, sign in with your account, and select the enterprise ID you were previously using, you'll see your private apps listed. For each app you'll need to go to Setup > Advanced Settings > Managed Google Play and add the new enterprise ID. From there you can search on package name from your EMM to find the apps you've shared.




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Yes, I am an EMM system admin. The binding has been restored before the rebound (knowing that any change on Google side cannot revert back). I have deep dived into EMM data base and found where it stores registration detail. Though, I can find its access token, something might go wrong on Google service that make it did not work. This account created 5 years ago which it had not come with admin portal service. I used to be able to access to the page as your screenshot which they dismissed my free account. As I tried to access via my new admin portal, it asks me to verify via DNS which is understandable. However, a Google support tells me that after the verification, any unverified registered account under my organization domain will be deleted. This could be a disaster.


Anyhow, it might be clear what options I have, if I am able to reach people in Google EMM Support. I find no way to talk to them.