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We currently just received Android enterprise through Bell mobility and we have 45 android units currently being used out in the field. 

To complete set up Bell has asked for us to register on the android enterprise website and provide them with our organization ID. I've clicked on just about everything to try and have failed to even start getting set up.  

Is there anyone that can give a quick how to get started and get a company ID? I expected some sort of admin panel access etc. 

Thank you. 


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Hi there! 


Two ways of doing this, on the assumption you are bound with devices already out in the wild.


1. Head to Google Play admin settings and log in with the account you used for your bind -


2. Open the managed Google Play iFrame within your EMM, and click the settings icon in the top right of the iFrame

Google Community Manager
Google Community Manager

Hello @KelmarHR,


Great to meet you. It's great to hear you are enrolling some new Android devices. Regarding your question I just wanted to check if you have seen @jasonbayton's reply here? 


Hopefully this helps, it would be great to hear from you.




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