How to generate Organization ID ?

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We as a organization having developer account and enabled the partner to publish the app on behalf us. We need to convert the same account into Enterprise account and generate the Organization ID (or) We are open to craete a new account which can act as managed google play account. Please suggest how it can be donen and steps to be followed. Presently when i'm trying to click on admin settings from the managed google play console i'm getting the below error. We don't have any admin accounts craeted before or linked to the developer account.MicrosoftTeams-image (10).png


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To access the Managed Google Play console, you will need to use the same Google account details as the one you used to set up Android Enterprise in your EMM. If you didn't set this up, I would recommend contacting the person in your company who owns this. 


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I am a developer at a firm and there is a requirement from a small organization to generate a private app for them. 
Now I've gone through the above thread and many other Google Play Console as well as MAnaged Play Help resources, but the question I have is mentioned here.
My client does not setup any account as of now. But what I get from this article
that client organization has to register for Google Admin Console to get the Organiztion Id, but I don't understand that what is the meaning of "EMM setup" and how my client needs to register for it and how is it linked to publish private apps from Google Play Console with my developer account?

Please clarify the flow and the requirements. Also I'd like to clarify that client's  organization employees have their personal phones, not a company-owned devices. So how is the private apps and EMM setup help here?
Thank you!

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Your client needs to setup an EMM solution (Enterprise Mobility Management) based on Android Enterprise. This will help them manage their devices and will provide an Organization ID that you can use to deploy your app to your client users.