Renaming Managed Google Play Organization

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we built our Managed Google Play connector in Intune like three years ago with our company name as organization name.

Meanwhile our company name as slightly changed and since the company name is shown on all corporate-owned android devices lock screen, we have a high interest in changing that to the correct name.

Unfortunately I can not find any way to change that company name. I can only delete that organization. I do not find a way to contact Google directly for that issue, so that is why I ended up here.


So here are the questions:

What exactly happens to our devices, if we disconnect and delete the organization and reconnect to a new organization with correct name? All devices will reset? All apps will be gone?

Are there other ways to configure what is shown on the lockscreen? Maybe it is possible to disable the display of the company name on the lockscreen completely?

Or is there a way to contact Google to change that name for us?


Any help appreciated. 😎




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Hope you're doing well and welcome to the community! 


I noticed a similar question to yours that got a response here.


Also, I'll look into your question further to make sure we find the right solution. I'll shoot you a message to confirm in the next few days. 


Cheers, Reece

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Hello @ReeceK and thank you for your response.

I did not find that topic you linked above in my research here yesterday, very odd.

Ok I started a service request with Microsoft Intune Support but my hopes are really low since we do not have good experiences with MS Support regarding Intune to be honest.

There must be a solution in the end, I do not think we are the first company on earth with that problem 😉





Absolutely, it's no trouble at all.


I've been doing my own research into this and have reached out to a few colleagues to gather additional insights. I'll make sure to follow up on this thread within the next few days to provide you with an update.

If you happen to receive any updates from your end, would you mind sharing them with the community? It would be fantastic to hear their response.


Thanks, Reece


I had a chat with Intune Support and the solution is ridiculous:


"Recommended solution:

Unenroll/Remove all your existing android devices from Intune and azure portals ( ||

Then unbind the google connector after that you will be able to rename it."


I sure hope this is not the only solution. 😞





Thank you for the update. Really appreciate you coming back here to share this information.


As mentioned, I've reached out to several colleagues regarding this specific issue, and I'm hopeful that they'll be able to offer an alternative solution that meets your needs.


I anticipate hearing back from them at the beginning of next week, and I'll be sure to update this thread with their response.


In the meantime, is there anything I can do to support?.


Thanks Reece



Firstly, I hope you are doing well? 

I have looked further into your question and ive had the following response: 


The best way to sort out this problem is to contact your Enterprise Mobility Manager (Intune) and ask them to send the issue our way. We work closely with them, so we can handle it properly.


Just so you know, if your company uses the Android Management API, you can request this change using the enterprises.patch method. But if you're using the Play EMM API, there's no way to update your organization's name with an API method right now.


Hope that clears things up! Let me know if you have any other questions.




thanks for keep asking around.

So what exactly does "send the issue our way" mean? To whom should they send this exactly?

I hope I can get this on the correct way, since our contact with them is very ... unsuccessful and faulty.

Just asking: if you are working closely with them (Microsoft), shouldn't you already know, which API Intune is using right now? 😉 
Can we see the used API ourself somehow? I doubt it, since we just see this:







No problem at all, I'm genuinely interested in finding the best solution for this, especially since other community members have raised it.


While I don't have the contact information myself, my suggestion is for you to reach out to Intune first and ask them to forward it to Android Enterprise for management. This way, we're following the steps provided to address this issue.


Hope this suggestion proves helpful!

Cheers, Reece

Hello @ReeceK ,

I reopened the service request at Microsoft and asked to forward it accordingly.

Lets hope, they understand what we want to achieve. 😄

Thank you very much.

Hello @ReeceK ,

unfortunately the Microsoft Intune Support is "not able" to forward anything to Android Enterprise. So I guess we are in a dead end.

Any ideas left? 





I'll be sending you a direct message shortly where we can discuss this further.