Using Google One Android Device Backup On COBO Smartphone

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Hey everyone,

is it possible to use COBO (Corporate Owned, Business Only) and Google One?

I have a device with a private account enabled (mainly for paid apps) and when I try to enable Google One backup it just reloads and it does not go on. 🤔

Thanks for your time.



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do you know which account it tries to use?

If there's a company generic (managed google play) account which it's trying to use this won't work. You may need to ensure that this private account is used (or better a Google account managed by the organization because of data safety).

But in general I never used (or tried to) Google One on a managed device.

The personal Google account ( is used.


The managed Google account ( is not selectable in the Google One app




Clicking on Aktivieren (Activate) just reloads the same screen and nothing happens.


Are you using a backup for managed devices and if yes, which one? I might consider it as an alternative.

Most stuff is already backup up server-side but I would appreciate something for SMS/MMS and device/app data.


Thank you very much for your help.

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No, we don't use backup on company phones because in the current setup etc. it's not needed.

Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

If you are specifically looking for SMS backup, maybe look for such kind of app and test them. There are some few which saves them then locally as an xml file, maybe you can save them to a server-synced folder on the device so you have the backup also if device crashed or got lost.