Android work and personal profile on a company owned device

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My apologies ahead of time if this post isn't in the correct spot. Let me start by saying that I love Android, and I'm so thankful for the community here.


Situation: I work at an employer who says that they are totally okay with me using a company-owned device as my personal phone, as well. 


They have set up a personal and work profile on the company-owned device. 


My question... I saw this webpage here...


Based on this article, am I understanding this correctly? ...That somehow - even on a company-owned device - the personal profile apps are not monitored?


Just seems too good to be true given that it's a company-owned device. 


Thank you for any clarity you can provide here. I'm not super worried, but I just don't know that I feel comfortable with my employer having full access to my password manager, my whole album of family photos, my texts, etc. 


Thank you again for your time. 


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Hi blueskies,

the main different between COPE (the one you describe here) and BYOD (if the device is owned by you) that the company has a bit more possibilitys to restrict or in general set device settings in COPE than in BYOD but still the work data is seperated.

So, they an access the work profile (apps and data) but nothing on the personal profile. Also (if their MDM provides) regarding remote control/remote view, if you would switch to personal profile, the screen is blanked out. So they can't see anything there (and in our current setup the user always needs to agree to a remote control or remote view).

As i was only testing yet and still investigating COPE and BYOD (we only use fully managed yet), those findings are the ones i right now remember. Maybe others with more experience in that have different experience but i think in general this is how it should be.


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Hi Blueskies, 


It really depends on a couple of different things. Generally the data is seperated when you have a Work Profile and a Personal profile. This however is primarily as far as my experience to protect the company data. There are different ways where it is possible to monitor data on the personal profile, such as Microsoft Defender which can be enabled and report from the Personal profile.


Generally though, the apps and data on your personal profile is not monitored.