Google Workspace already deleted user issue

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Currently I have a Google Workspace login with 20+ accounts, and this account[Personal information hidden] is the super admin of the workspace.
Recently one of the employees left the company, so we set up the forwarding option from her inbox [Personal information hidden] to mine, Hannah's.
Then I deleted her account since is no longer needed but I still receive her emails and I do not want that. Is there a way to end this?


Literally I tried everything.


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This community is focused on Android Enterprise, you should try to post your question in the Google workspace community

Level 1.5: Cupcake

To stop receiving emails from the deleted account, log in to the Google  Admin Console, check and remove any forwarding rules under Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Default routing and Routing. Ensure no forwarding  rules exist in your Gmail settings. Contact Google Workspace support if the issue persists.

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