Upgrade Android OS via laptop/app

Level 1.6: Donut

Is there a way to upgrade OS on Android in OOBE state via app on laptop (similar to upgrading/updating iOS via iTunes)?



Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

Even i never did but should be possible via ADB (Android Debug Bridge) if you have an official OS file provided by the manufacturer and some other dependencies seen in the ADB guides.

But i recommend to use the way the device manufacturer provides to upgrade the OS (normally FOTA; Firmware over the air) normally via the settings of the device or executed during enrollment when first time use.

Some enterprise manufacturers provide additional possibilitys but they provide guides as well how to proceed their files. 

Another possibility is, if you have a good connection to the manufacturer, they could provide you their flashing tool and files to do this on your own directly (did this as well).