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Android enterprise Device Owner

Hi Team, I work with a MDM solution which is currently device admin, I want to enroll the devics using Samsung KME. I integrated it and able to enroll the devices till Android 11. but the versions above Android 12 are not getting enrolled. When I ask...

shrinika by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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How do you get into work mode?

Hey all   As I woke up this morning to join you all on another day of checking out the hustle and bustle of this community, I was wondering if you have a morning routine that gets you in work mode?    I personally enjoy starting my day with a stretch...

ReeceK by Google Community Team
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Big thank you for your support!

  Hello everyone!   As we reach the end of a busy 2023, we are also reaching the 6 month mark of the Android Enterprise Customer Community, so I thought this was an excellent opportunity to reflect and celebrate a few community milestones.   Here a...

Thank you! copy.png Thank you 1.png
Lizzie by Google Community Manager
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How did Android Enterprise benefit you this month?

Hey all,    How did Android Enterprise come into play for you this month? For me, I enjoy attending a monthly online stretch and conditioning session. To fully immerse myself, I toggle off my work profile, allowing me to concentrate entirely on the s...

ReeceK by Google Community Team
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What Was Your First Mobile Phone? 📞

Ring Ring …. It's time for a trip down memory lane.   Let's share some nostalgia and chat about our first mobile phones!   I’ll start, my first mobile phone was the Nokia 3210. It was passed down from my Mum who upgraded to a Sony Ericsson. Good ti...

ReeceK by Google Community Team
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How do I get details on the who ever had compromised my friends phone and placed their own software on it? Thanks in advance 

No1Mut by Level 1.5: Cupcake
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