API Usage Questions

Level 1.6: Donut

After going through the public docs, we have some questions about several features:

  1. APN Setting:

    How can I modify APN setting using Android Management API? The network configs only contain Wi-Fi and EAP settings.

  2. Disable Doze:

    How can I disable doze mode? There's only a doze state in display state enum.

    Doze Mode:

    In Doze mode, the system goes through the following two phases:

    Doze light hibernation: in this phase, the system prevents applications from accessing the network and delays their synchronization tasks and timers. Alarms and high-priority notifications can still get through.

    Doze Deep Hibernation: If the device remains unmoved after the light hibernation phase, the system enters deep hibernation. During this phase, the system shuts down all network access and only whitelisted applications and specific system processes can run.

  3. Scheduled Task:

    Is there any way to run system-level scheduled task? When apps crashed, the tasks is still alive and can be triggered on time.

  4. ADB Usage:

    How can I run adb commands in my own app? Is there any config in Android Management API that can give adb access to my app?


Level 2.3: Gingerbread

APN Settings is currently not available when using AMAPI, you might be able to set those using the OEM Config app for your device brand like Samsung or Zebra.

Anything that's not documented in the Android Management API is not available, except if the device manufacturer has implemented those settings in their OEM Config app

You can add Schedule Task to your app like any other android app