Can't access internet DPC app

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Hello Everyone ,

i have created one policy in this one application added and added forcefully permission for internet.
Device network management through disable wifi and SIM network permission for DPC app and policy app.
i’m trying to push another policy and use Android Management Api but not fetch in device because not connect internet DPC app.How can solve it ? And which one policy though all time access internet in DPC app when data connect or wifi on.

Thank you.


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Hello @bhargav,


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I'm sorry you haven't had a response on your question here. I have had a look into this further for you and wanted to come back with the reply. 


We may need a little more information to explore this further, however there is a possibility that you might have unintentionally disabled both Wi-Fi and mobile data access to the whole device, which could prevent the DPC app from functioning correctly.


Here's what you can try:

Check your EMM System: If you're using an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system, see if it offers an "offline unenrollment" option. This functionality allows you to manually remove the device from your organization's management even if it's offline.


Important Note: Disabling internet access for the DPC app can disrupt its ability to manage your device. It's generally recommended to avoid disabling internet access for the device and DPC app.


As I say this might not be exactly what you are looking for, so if it's not please do provide a little more information. Either way it would be great to hear how you are going with this?


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P.S - if anyone else has any other suggestions please feel free to add to this discussion (massive thanks)

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To ensure your DPC app always has internet access, you can create a policy that explicitly allows network connectivity. Here's how you can do it using the Android Management API:


Create a Policy with Network Permission:


  • Ensure your policy includes permissions for internet access.
  • Use defaultNetworkAccess in your policy to always allow internet access for the DPC app.

Example policy snippet:


  "applications": [
      "packageName": "",
      "installType": "FORCE_INSTALLED",
      "defaultPermissionPolicy": "GRANT"
  "networkInfo": {
    "defaultNetworkAccess": "ALWAYS_ON"
  "openNetworkInfo": {
    "wifi": {
      "ssid": "your_wifi_ssid",
      "password": "your_wifi_password"
    "cellular": {
      "allowMobileData": true


Update Policy:


  • Push this updated policy to ensure the DPC app maintains internet connectivity.


Troubleshoot Connectivity:


  • Ensure there are no restrictive network settings that might block internet access.
  • Check if the device has proper network configurations and permissions to connect to the internet.


By setting defaultNetworkAccess to ALWAYS_ON, your DPC app should maintain internet access whenever Wi-Fi or mobile data is enabled.


Hope this helps!