Getting App crash with error message "Google Partner setup has stopped" when enrolling a new device in android device management using QR code

Level 1.5: Cupcake

I i have started  to notice a new issue recently while enrolling  a new device in android device  management. The  issue is  that while enrolling a new device to EMM(using the generated qr code), all the required app gets installed successfully but after some time  it produces  a crash with error "Google Partner setup has stopped". Clearing the cache  is not  working  for me.  Also lot  of  my devices which is  at client locations are getting  this issue as   well, I   dont have direct physical access to these locations as well,  is  it  possible to  fix the  issues, maybe by  making  any  changes in the  policy. Also, i have not made any  recent  changes in my policy  , this issue started coming up from the  last   week onwards 


Level 2.3: Gingerbread


You should try to enroll with the simplest possible configuration to see if anything trigger this issue.

You could also create a bug report and see if anything indicates what is going on.


Do not hesitate to raise this issue to your EMM,