Same Google Managed Play Store account for two EMM

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Hello everyone,

Currently, we are using Android Enterprise devices enrolled (COPE) on the Workspace One MDM. We have started migrating to Microsoft Intune and would like to add the same Google account for the Managed Play Store that we are using on Workspace One, as the two EMMs will need to coexist for some time. Additionally, on this account, many developers have made privately developed applications available for our company, so we would like to avoid having to create a new account. Is it possible to simultaneously use the same Managed Play Store account on two different EMMs?


Google Community Team


Hope you're doing well.


Out of curiosity, can you tell me more about the purpose of privately developed apps? From what I've gathered, it's not possible to use the same Managed Play Store account with both Workspace One and Microsoft Intune simultaneously, as each EMM requires a unique account.


Thanks, Reece

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Thats our understanding as well.

If they don't have the ability somehow to migrate from one to another in a short time (which is because of 2 completely different systems not possible), you need to create a new account.


This is also a good reason to mention that we from our side always get the apk files from the developers always, to be able to be provide them by the MDM directly, so nothing locked to the specific account making such things way easier and granting more control on that. I prefer and highly recommend that doing it this way then even for future switches you don't have to consider that and can prepare the new system entirely before switching and going live.