Share Photos inside Android KIOSK between Google Photos & any other email client

Level 1.5: Cupcake

Is it possible to share photos /files from Google Photos to Outlook on kiosk mode ? 


looks like from outlook we can attach the files but not from Google photos ? 






Level 1.5: Cupcake

any feedback on the above query 


Level 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich

Hi Srikanth,

the problem in this case is most likely based on the system you use to get a kiosk screen. So please tell us how you implement it on your device. I (personally) only know this to be done via an MDM and in that case this would be a topic to the MDM provider.

It also can be a permission issue to the issuing appbut this also needs local investigation.

Level 1.5: Cupcake

Just out of curiosity, are you able to share anything at all while in Kiosk mode?
I am struggling with a similar problem, also in multi-app Kiosk mode. But in my case, sharing seems completely broken, i.e. all apps are affected.